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Help Ensure a Complete Count of the Armenian-American Community in the 2020 Census by registering as a volunteer

About Us


The 2020 Census will determine how over $700 billion in federal funds are allocated each year, and how congressional districts are apportioned.

To maximize the collective voice of the Armenian American community and secure vital funding for community services, we have to aim for a #HyeCount

How To Count


Make sure on Question 9 of the Census Questionnaire you write 'Armenian' as your response to ensure you are counted as an Armenian in the Census

Why it matters

The Armenian-American community has been historically undercounted in the Census. While it is estimated that over 1.5 million Armenian-Americans reside in the United States, the Census records fewer than 500,000. 

A complete count of the Armenian-American community will ensure that tens of millions of dollars in federal funding are spent on services in the Armenian-American community, including school program funding, hospitals and clinics, aged care services, employment services, and language services.