Frequently Asked Questions

What is the U.S. Census?

The U.S. Census is a constitutionally mandated survey of the U.S. population held every 10 years to determine how Congressional seats are apportioned, and how over $700 billion in Federal funding is allocated to services such as healthcare, education and housing.

What is Hyecount?

HyeCount is an Armenian community initiative to ensure a complete count of Armenians in the 2020 Census. A complete count of Armenians will result in tens of millions of dollars being allocated to services that impact our community.

Why is the 2020 Census important for Armenians?

Armenians have been historically under-counted in the Census, meaning our community has missed out on funding for services that support our community.

While we estimate there are over 1.5 million Armenians living in the United States, the 2010 Census reported fewer than 500,000. An accurate count of the Armenian community will ensure more funding is allocated to:

  • Armenian language services for social services including social security, hospitals, housing, and other public programs which will result in more Armenians being hired in these fields
  • Programs in Armenian private and charter schools, as well as teacher training and classroom resources/technology
  • Support services international students 
  • Bilingual language programs in public schools 
  • Healthcare services including Medicare and Medical
  • Section 8 Housing
  • College programs, research grants, campus upgrades
  • Employment services

How do i count?

There are three ways to complete the Census this year. 

  • Online: Census will mail you a unique Census ID that will allow you to log into where you can complete the survey online

  • Paper: If you live in a hard-to-count area, the Census Bureau will mail a paper questionnaire to your address. You will also receive a paper questionnaire to fill out if you have not responded to the Census by mid-April.

  • Phone: Call 844-330-2020 to complete the Census by phone.

For more detailed instructions go to

Is the census Secure?

The information collected by the Census can never be used against you by the government or by a court of law. The information collected is completely secure, and by law can only be used to create statistical data that determines how federal funding is allocated and how congressional districts are apportioned. 

Do I need to be a Citizen?

You don't have to be a citizen to count in the Census, and the 2020 Census will not ask you about your citizenship status.

Do I count my children?

Yes. Everyone counts in the Census regardless of age or citizenship status. If you have young children, including newborns, make sure you count them as Armenian in the Census. 

Do Renters Count?

Yes, if you are a renter you will be counted in the Census. The Census is conducted on a household basis, so everyone living at your address, regardless of whether they rent or own, will be counted. 

I'm living somewhere temporarily, how do i count?

You are counted in the residence you will be staying at primarily as of April 1 (Census Day). If you are a student living on campus, or living temporarily with family, or have members of your family (such as parents or grandparents) staying with you then be sure to count.

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