how to complete the 2020 Census online

Census ID

By mid-March you will receive your unique 12-digit Census ID in the mail from the Census Bureau

Census Online

Visit and enter your Census ID when prompted to complete the Questionnaire

Count As Armenian

In Question 9, make sure you answer 'Armenian' when asked about your national origin. Be sure to answer 'Armenian' for all other family members at the address too

No Id?

If you haven't received your Census ID, you can still complete the Census online by answering questions about your address 

How to complete the census by paper


Paper Questionnaire

The Census Bureau will be distributing paper questionnaires to selected households from mid-March, and to any household that hasn't responded online by the end of April

In order to count as Armenian in the paper questionnaire, in Question 9 of the survey you must be sure to write your identity as 'Armenian' in the 'Some other race' category. 

You must also be sure to identify everyone living in your house, regardless of age or citizenship status, as 'Armenian' too. 

By Phone

You can also complete the Census over the phone by calling